We never intended to know about warehousing legislation, VAT, Excise and setting up companies, about how to build cold rooms or weld stainless steel fittings, how to troubleshoot problems with plumbing, electrics, heating elements, hydraulics, gas burners, glycol chillers and a lot more. Being unhappy in our demanding jobs as veterinarians got us thinking about beer, lots of it, and that is how it all began.


In 2010 Bart welded together our first brewery -  a 50 litre set up. For three years, we brewed each week in Cillian's garage, creating recipes and learning from our mistakes. The real work started when we set about converting a farm shed on Bart's farm  building a 1000 litre brewhouse from scratch.


Many expansions later, we’ve now lost most of our hair, but, on a good day, we wouldn't swap it for anything.


Let us show you around the brewery and tell you a bit of the story of how we left veterinary practice to run a microbrewery. We will lead you through our range of 7 beers describing the flavour profile and some of the history of each style. Finger food is served, the tours are informal and fun and we encourage questions. The tours lasts about one and a half hours and costs €15 per person. 

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Mescan Brewery is named after Mescan the monk who was St. Patrick's friend and personal brewer. It is situated on the slopes of Croagh Patrick and is owned and operated by Bart Adons and Cillian Ó Móráin, two Westport vets who have been friends and colleagues for nearly 20 years. The pair spent four years perfecting their original recipes inspired by the beers of Belgium, Bart's homeland before starting to brew commercially in 2013.




The water for Mescan beers comes from deep underneath Croagh Patrick via a spring beside the brewery. Malts, hops and yeast for the beer come from Belgium. 

All our beers are vegan-friendly.


Golden ale with pear and floral notes and restrained hop bitterness to perfectly balance the malt flavours. Crisp, clean on the palate and flavoursome. Serving Temp 4 - 6 °C.

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Complex, full bodied, warming, malty and fruity with additional nutty and caramel flavours. A beer to sip and savour. This is our take on the strong beers pioneered by the Belgian Trappist monastery-breweries. Tripels are strong, complex beers and are traditionally golden in colour. We decided to make ours red and the malts used to achieve this add even more complexity to the flavours on the palate. Serving Temp 7 - 10 °C.

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Strong, dry, well carbonated golden ale, bursting with fruity esters and spicy yeast notes. Balanced hop bitterness and warming alcohol. Serving Temp 3 - 6 °C.

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Dry, light in body, fizzy and refreshing. Citrus notes from new world hops perfectly balance the earthy, spicy yeast flavours. Saison is a traditional farmhouse style from the South of Belgium brewed to sustain the workers during long days of toil in the sun. 

Serving Temp 4 - 6 °C.

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A robust dark beer, with strong caramel aromas, maltiness and sun dried fruits on the palate. Dry with a pleasant bitter finish.  Serving Temp 8 - 10 °C.

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Days of the week, deadly sins, wonders of the ancient world. Seven Virtues lager is the first in a series of one-off brews. Crisp and slightly dry hopped, a nod in the direction of both tradition and innovation.  

Serving Temp 2 - 4 °C.

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Sour, wild and unconventional. This is brewed in the tradition of the famous Belgian Lambic beers. Matured in oak

for 3 years before bottling, it differs from most other beers as it is fermented through exposure to wild yeasts and bacteria. This results in a distinctive dry, vinous and cidery flavour.

Serving Temp 2 - 4 °C.

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Carnal Knowledge is a wheat tripel spiced with coriander and bitter orange peel. It is dry, with notes of soft citrus, ripe bananas, clove, pear and spice.

Serving Temp 3-4 °C 


Kilsallagh, Westport, Co. Mayo F28 FW70

Phone: Cillian: 086 832 0320

Bart: 087 418 2628

  Email: mescanbrewery@gmail.com