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Fantastic day yesterday at the Mescan brew course. Superb hospitality and company. There is very little these guys don’t know about making quality beers. Their passion and knowledge really shone through. Great selection of beers, not only Mescan, but a real tour of Belgian and Belgian style beers. My eyes have been opened and can safely say I have more knowledge and appreciation of the art of beer making. The food was excellent too. Highly recommended.

Shane Curran

Delicious beer. Fantastic hosts. Gorgeous Irish countryside. What more could you ask for? Brewery tour is fun, informative and casual. These guys really know beer and love what they do. Lots of samples! Take home your fave brews and some Mescan swag. Tell your friends!

Liz Mallon

The Mescan Brewery Tour was pure class! Gorgeous small samples of each of the 7 beers - with more or less depending on your preference! A very scientific explanation of the brewing process by Killian, while Fluffy ensured everyone was sufficiently watered! 

Great snacks served too! Perfect tour for a hen or stag party or just a group of mates to town. Well worth the trip!!

Terisina Fitzpatrick

I was delighted to arrive into the Beer and bratwurst festival in Westport recently. My first enconter with the Mescan brewery and a bloody good day out!! :)
I took home their gift pack of 6 different beers and as I'm not normally a belgian beer fan (as I find it frequently too strong) I expected to dislike a few. I started from blonde and white working my way up to triple and extra. With each beer I was surprised and delighted but feared the next one must surely hit my limit. Not so as 6 out of 6 thoroughly enjoyable beers. Distinct and delicious flavours and you could certainly feel the punch of the stronger versions but not one had the 'Spiked' off putting punch I dread when experimenting.
Now the struggle to find more!!

Conor McMahon

We had a fabulous afternoon with Killian and Bart at the brewery tour. We learned so much about the process and were spoiled rotten with samples of their wonderful ales and tasty nibbles!!!!
Fair play to you boys. It’s absolutely inspiring to see two people enjoying their craft, being so enthusiastic about their product but most of all.... wandering around with wide smiles, enjoying life!!! Well done!

Davinia Munnelly-Cox

My thoughtful wife gave me the day off to hang out with beer nerds for the day at the Mescan brew course. This was a great day out for a Belgian beer lover. I had some mild trepidations going on my own but Cillian, Bart and Inge were such welcoming hosts and such a great gang turned out that worry vanished straight away. The day switched between brew theory, the class brewing their own beer using all-grain homebrew equipment, and helping brew a real Mescan beer in the brewhouse. discussed and sampled helped! We finished the day with an amazing bbq with beef fed on the spent grains from the brewery from their own farm. A truly unique experience and a fantastic day out. The only problem is how do I match this for my wife’s birthday???

Chris Green

Everyone agreed that the brewery tour was the highlight of a fun filled Paddys weekend in Westport. Not one bit corporate just like having a few beers with friends while they talk about their beers the passion and pride really shines through. Stunning location, excellent beers but most importantly wonderful people. 
Cillian, Bart and Inge keep up the good work and thank you.

Andrew Lund

Loooove this beer. Had the pleasure of taking a tour of this Brewery, learning how they make it, and meeting the two characters behind the operation! Great craic, a great day out. Thank you Cillian and Bart!

Maria Dolan

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