Sour, wild and unconventional. This is brewed in the tradition of the famous Belgian Lambic beers. Matured in oak for 3 years before bottling, it differs from most other beers as it is fermented through exposure to wild yeasts and bacteria. This results in a distinctive dry, vinous, and cidery flavour.

Serving temperature: 2-4 °C 

330 ml ℮ Alc. 4,5% vol 

Ingredients: Spring water, BARLEY, WHEAT, Hops, Yeast

Seven Virtues Lambik

  • Only available as part of a mixed case.

    Just one cask of this unique beer was made and orders are strictly limited to 4 bottles per mixed case.. This beer was three years in oak before we judged it ready for bottling. The next Lambik beer is in barrels and is maturing nicely but we do not expect it to be available until 2020.

  • Please note that we ship beer to addresses in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland only.


Kilsallagh, Westport, Co. Mayo

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