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Tasting Mescan

Would you like to know more about your local brewery? Learn a little about tasting our beers, their versatility for drinking pleasure and food-pairing?

Mescan Brewery & Savoir Fare have teamed up to showcase six of the Mescan range of Belgian-style beers paired with carefully-selected, local, artisan produce.

Join us via Zoom on Saturday June 5th at 8pm for an informative and informal online event where we will taste and discuss the Mescan beers and their food pairings curated by Alain Morice of Savoir Fare. We'll also be joined by some surprise guest speakers!

Tickets cost €50 for two people and are available to buy on our website.

**Attendees must be available to collect their beers & food platters from Savoir Fare on Saturday the 5th between noon and 5pm **


At Mescan Brewery, we use finest quality, natural ingredients - water from a spring on our farm, barley, wheat, hops, yeast and spices, and nothing else. Our beers go through a long process of maturation which is unique to us in this country. They are cold-conditioned for between 6 weeks and 9 months (depending on the style) before bottling. This unhurried way of doing things allows time for the flavours to develop, much like maturing a wine.

Savoir Fare is a small bistro, delicatessen and wine shop on Bridge Street in Westport. Championing the small, independent, artisanal, Irish producers, along with minimal-intervention, continental wines. Gaelic food delivered with a little Gallic flair!


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