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We never intended to know about warehousing legislation, VAT, Excise and setting up companies, about how to build cold rooms or weld stainless steel fittings, how to troubleshoot problems with plumbing, electrics,  heating elements, hydraulics, gas burners, glycol chillers and a lot more. Being unhappy in our demanding jobs as veterinarians got us thinking about beer, lots of it, and that is how it all began.


In 2010 Bart welded together our first brewery -  a 50 litre set up. For three years, we brewed each week in Cillian's garage, creating recipes and learning from our mistakes. The real work started when we set about converting a farm shed on Bart's farm  building a 1000 litre brewhouse from scratch.


Many expansions later, we’ve now lost most of our hair, but, on a good day, we wouldn't swap it for anything.


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